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Mental Health Services

SIPA’s Mental Health Outreach Program includes psychosocial assessments, in-home outreach counseling, community linkages, Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) trainings, and educational presentations. This program aims to increase self-awareness, address cultural differences, and de-stigmatize mental health for the safety and well-being of youth, children, and families.


Psychosocial Assessments and Referrals

Counselors provide comprehensive assessments. Referrals include intensive mental health services, support groups, wellness, parenting, vocational, domestic violence, and substance use programs. Schedule appointment by phone.

Mental Health First Aid Trainings

Teaching groups how to identify, understand, and respond to signs of mental health and substance use disorders. Approved by the National Council for Behavioral Health, Adult MHFA and Youth MHFA 8-hour trainings are available.  *MHFA Youth is for adults only*  


Raise awareness about mental wellness with on-site engagement and outreach in addition to introductory workshops for your special event, staff, group, school and/or organization. Topics include self/community care, mindfulness, stress management, and more.

In Home Outreach Counseling

Family Preservation Program (FPP) strengthens & preserves families who are at risk of or experiencing problems in family functioning, with the goal of assuring the emotional, social, educational, and spiritual development of children in a safe and nurturing environment.


For all inquiries, please email or call.

Eddy M. Gana Jr., MSW, ACSW 83088
In-Home Outreach Counselor / Social Worker
Office: (213) 382-1819 ext. 125