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In Home Outreach Counseling

Family Preservation (FPP) is an integrated, comprehensive approach to strengthening and preserving families who are at risk of or already experiencing problems in family functioning, with the goal of assuring the emotional, social, educational, and spiritual development of children in a safe and nurturing environment.



Quality, culturally sensitive support services provided in Tagalog and English.

In Home Counseling

Weekly, one-hour home visits to families. Counselors provide comprehensive assessment, case management, referrals, counseling, monitoring of child safety, and crisis intervention.

Multi-disciplinary Case Planning Committee

Families, DCFS Children Social Worker or Probation Officer, and Family Preservation staff collaborate together to develop a service plan and monitor the family’s progress.

Life Skills

Home-based life skills training, including home safety, cleaning, budgeting, and meal preparation.

Adult Role Model Services

Mentoring services for youth focused on developing positive behavior and academic improvement.

Parent Training

Weekly group parenting classes and support groups.

Community Services Referrals

Including mental health services, job training and/or employment services, domestic violence counseling, alcohol and drug treatment programs, housing assistance, and child care.

Supplemental Services

Including child follow-up visits and transportation services based on need.

Who Qualifies?

  • Families that are within 90 days of having their children returned from out-of-home placement, OR
  • Families whose minor children live with them and they have either a Voluntary Family Maintenance Case (VFM) or a Court Family Maintenance (FM) case. (These families volunteer to actively participate in these weekly in-home supportive services.)

How to Apply

Please contact your regional DCFS office for more information. Services are selected according to the needs of your family. If available, ask your Children Social Worker to complete the DCFS 800 electronically on LAKids to refer you to SIPA because we have a DCFS contract to help families through the Family Preservation Program.

About In Home Outreach Counseling

The FPP is, for many DCFS families, an essential component of successful reunification of children with their families. The program may be initiated several months prior to children returning home as a way of smoothing the transition, putting needed supports in place, and helping the family to prepare for their reunion.

The main benefit is weekly in-home visits to connect you to: counseling, parenting classes, teaching and home demonstrating, domestic violence classes, child-focused activities, and transportation. FPP support services are offered from 6 months to 12 months, or more, after the children are reunified, depending upon the family’s individual needs.